Home nursing & care

People with health conditions often need help and support to go about their everyday activities at home. Nursing and care professionals provide highly qualified nursing and care services in their patients’ homes. Below you will find an overview of possible work settings for home-based nursing and care.

Home healthcare is individual and customised care provided by qualified nursing and care professionals to people in their homes. Your work will help to prevent or shorten hospital stays. We distinguish between medical home healthcare and home healthcare. Medical home healthcare is provided by graduate healthcare and nursing professionals, while home healthcare is also provided by (specialist) care assistants under the supervision of graduate healthcare and nursing professionals.

Working in home-based care, graduate healthcare and nursing professionals provide medical and nursing care services in their patients’ homes. Tasks include special nursing techniques such as change of dressings, stoma care and many more. You work in a team with care assistants and home helps and make sure that the people you care for can live a good life in their own homes. In doing so you tailor your work to the needs and requirements of the people in your care. The nursing manager is responsible for assuring the quality of the nursing and care services and supports the home care team through staff coaching, documentation analyses and nursing rounds. In difficult care situations the nursing manager supports the care providers by offering comprehensive and holistic advice on site.

Mostly graduate paediatric healthcare and nursing professionals with various additional qualifications provide care services to children and young people up to the age of 18 in their own environment. As part of a holistic approach, they are responsible for advising and supporting the whole family, also in complex situations such as artificial respiration at home.

As a graduate healthcare and nursing professional working in continence counselling you will offer advice and support to maintain and promote healthy bladder and bowel function. During house calls you will not only give your patients the information they need to stabilise their situation, but you will also provide care services, such as changing catheters and stoma care.

As a care provider within a mobile palliative care team which consists of members from different professions you support patients with an advanced life-threatening disease in their familiar environment. All efforts of the whole team aim at maintaining and/or improving patients’ quality of life. The core teams consist of one palliative care doctor and one care professional.

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